Feel Confident, Get Noticed &
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I’ll take the stress, confusion and frustration out of dressing for work so you can feel comfortable in your skin, make a positive first impression and get noticed for what you have to contribute. With the Professional Style Essentials program, you will create a professional style that is comfortable and that expresses your personality.

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Here’s how I’ve helped other women build their confidence through style:

"I overcame my fear of judgement, became confident in how I am presenting myself⁠ and feel like a new person⁠."

Crystal P.

"Working with Julie also helped me understand myself, become confident again, I learned to purchase garments I love, and love them each time I wear them."

Sari P.

"I felt a complete overhaul and transformation after working together. Like you infused me with the confidence to express myself [through my clothes]."

Lina H.

If you said YES, Professional Style Essentials may be for YOU

I work with intelligent professional women in male-dominated industries guiding them to develop their confidence through a style that is professional, comfortable and authentic.

I have always believed that when you like the way you look, you feel better about yourself. This belief has served me through moments when I doubted myself, and helped me overcome self-consciousness and the fear of not being taken seriously. 

I developed the skills to ⁠put my best foot forward and not only did I feel more confident, I also started getting noticed, being offered new opportunities, and was introduced to influential people which advanced my career.⁠

Through image consulting, I combine my university education in psychology and my training in image and style to empower other intelligent and ambitious women to do the same for themselves through my online program, Professional Style Essentials.

If you are an ambitious and intelligent professional woman who wants to get noticed and advance in your career, then you are definitely in the right place!

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